The Creekside Kennel photo North Carolina

The Creekside Kennel

April Lowry

We are a small family owned kennel is southeastern North Carolina. We are Breeders/Exhibitors and we pride ourselves in raising quailty Champion and Champion Lineage Labradors. We breed English style/ Show Bred Labrador Retrievers. We specialize in Silver Labradors, Charcoal Labradors, and Champagne Labradors with improvement pedigrees! We also produce the finest Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Labradors on the East Coast. Our Labrador Retrievers are Champion Titled AKC events as well as Hunting events. Visit us for your family pet or next show ring Champion!

Ivy Spring Labradors photo Pennsylvania

Ivy Spring Labradors

Gail Cayce-Adams

Breeders of top quality black, yellow and chocolate English Labrador Retrievers. All dogs used for breeding have a minimum of OFA hip, elbow and eye certifications and exhibit excellent temperaments. We enjoy showing our dogs in the conformation ring, but most of our puppies are sold as pampered pets. Some have also become hunting companions and we have received rave reviews about their retrieving abilities in the field.

Summerset Ridge photo Oregon

Summerset Ridge

Summerset Labradors

Summerset Labradors is a small Labrador breeding program located in Beaverton, Oregon. We have 1 to 2 litters a year striving for quality Labradors with a goal to produce intelligent and healthy dogs that will be equally adapted to the field with retrieving skills and good temperament in the house. ​Summerset Labradors specializes in producing Yellow Fox Red Lab's and a minor focus on Black Lab's.

SciFi Labradors photo Washington

SciFi Labradors

Lizzie Moir

Form Follows Function This is a concept that I work to uphold in my breeding goals. A labrador should conform to the breed standard, have a good work ethic with intense drive while still being a good companion in the home. I work my labradors in multiple venues including obedience, rally, hunt tests, barn hunt and of course, conformation. I breed for the gentleman's working dog, what a labrador was intended to be.

Amigas Labrador Retrievers photo Texas

Amigas Labrador Retrievers

Keri Schooler

Amigas Labradors are the culmination of 50+ years of breeding experience. We proudly exhibit our Labradors in both Specialty and All-breed shows. Our Labradors are included in several therapy and service dog programs throughout the USA. We breed for the entire dog: temperament, health, appearance, train-ability. Amigas Labs come in all 3 acceptable colors, are OFA certified at 2 years of age for hips and elbows and DNA tested for various recessive issues.

A+ Acres Labradors Indiana

A+ Acres Labradors

Daniel Schmucker

A+ Acres is located in Woodburn IN, in a quiet beautiful country setting. We are avid dog lovers and enjoy spending time with our dogs on a daily basis. Our dogs take full advantage of the 60 acre farm, roaming, retrieving, running, resting and everything in between. A+ Acres strives to produce healthy pups that have excellent confirmation and temperament. We take great pride in our puppies and raise them accordingly to give you a lifelong loving companion. All of our puppies are acquainted with children and raised in a family atmosphere. Our goal is to end every adoption with happy smiles and a wagging tail!

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